Cine Film Super 8mm transfers

Cine film to DVD service

Transfer Super 8mm cine film to Digital File Service

50ft  ROLL - £25
Super 8mm or Standard 8mm cine film transfer

2+  Reels of 50ft ROLL - £12 each
Super 8mm or Standard 8mm cine film transfer

cine film to dvd service

200ft ROLL - £40
Super 8mm or Standard 8mm cine film transfer

2+ Reels of 200’ ROLL - £25 each 
Super 8mm or Standard 8mm cine film transfer

Transfer your Super 8mm & Standard 8mm cine film to DVD

If you have any old cine film laying around - wouldn’t it be fun to see whats on it?!


If you want to transfer any old cine standard 8mm or super 8mm - then please contact us for a quote.

400ft ROLL - £55
Super 8mm or Standard 8mm cine film transfer

2+ Reels of 400’ ROLL - £40 each
Super 8mm or Standard 8mm cine film transfer

We can transfer your old cine footage to DVD with fantastic resolution and quality. We use a digital film scanner capable of capturing Super 8 and Standard 8mm film in real time - up to 25 frames per second. It uses three chip CCD image sensor to record the image and features an LED light array light source that provides uniform brightness across each frame. Every frame is scanned one by one giving the maximum amount of information to be recorded.  

We DO NOT use a projector and film via a simple lens or mirror adapter! 

The system can handle reversal (projection) films as well as modern motion picture negatives. It's possible to perform color correction, and there's an integrated sound head to transfer synchronized sound tracks too.


To prove how good this machine is - we are happy to transfer a reel of film for free - and let you be the judge!

A lot of people filmed their home movies on Super 8 MM cine film during the 60, 70, and 80s, and most likely have a huge collection of those laying around. If you have great content on those and you want to see it again, our team is here to help. Our cine film transfer service is very fast because we use professional film transfer machines scanning your film frame by frame. This way you can be sure that the results are always amazing and you will have no problem acquiring the best possible results on the market. Be sure to check other companies way of scanning film - a lot of companies use a home projector and a video camera filming direct off of a screen or lens!

American NTSC, French SECAM, can also be transferred - please contact us for more info and prices including Video to DVD

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