Photographs & Slides transferred to file

35mm slides transfer to file

Our 35mm slide scanning service, and 35mm negative film transfer service provide you the highest quality scans. We use only professional equipment to retain the highest photographic detail.

We scan your 35mm slides, 35mm negatives or your photos and convert them to high quality JPEG image files. You get all your images on a convenient data DVD  You can then view the images on your personal computer (Windows or Apple), email to your friends and family, and use just like digital photos in your next project!

Photo slides transfered to CD
transfer slides transferred to file

Since a lot of people collected and used slides and old school 35 mm negatives and slides, there are millions of old photos and slides out there. If you are the owner of such an item and you want to transfer all your content to the digital format, we are here to help right away. We have a very special hardware that helps transfer all these 35mm negatives and transform them into digital photos. The best part here is that the images are converted automatically, and you can easily use them as soon as the process is complete.

In addition, we can work with as many slides and negatives as possible. That means we can easily handle any bulk work that comes our way. Before we take the project we study your negatives and photographs to make sure that your data can be processed without any error. Most of the time there will be no issue, but in case the negatives are damaged and it’s very hard to recover any data, we will let you know. You will be notified when the process is complete too. If you need to transfer all your Photographs & Slides today, just get in touch and you will not be disappointed.